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The Internet Computer Weekly (with Arthur Falls)

ICP Maximalist

Dfinty Foundation

Dfinity Community (ICP Squad) (AMA)

Dfinity Community (ICP Squad)

ICP League (AMA)

The Dfinity Shenzhen (AMA)

Even a tweet from Dom :)


Press Release - Nuance:

Decentralised Social (DeSo) is coming to the rescue


Blockchain, or more specifically, Decentralised Finance (DeFi), has been eating the finance world — and now Decentralised Social (DeSo) is starting to nibble at the social world. Aikin, a blockchain software development company, is building the world's first on-chain blogging platform: "Nuance". Built on the Internet Computer, a new blockchain computing network, Nuance will be the world's first blogging platform built entirely on-chain.


Nuance will eventually be a DAO publishing platform, and the Aikin team  will contribute to the new wave of DeSo initiatives that are addressing the centralised social monopolies — Google, Facebook, Medium, Twitter, etc. "Breaking up the monopolies isn’t the only problem we’re solving,” says Nuance co-founder Nicholas Oneill, “but it’s one of our favourite problems to solve!"


With tamper-proof security baked into the platform, a real attraction for users will be the peace of mind regarding their own data. Nuance will have features that allow users to control their own data — and even take their data elsewhere if they so choose.


The Aikin team were in the first batch of grant recipients from the DFINITY Foundation which will further expand the team’s capacity after raising an undisclosed pre-seed amount earlier in the year. "It’s taken us nearly six months to get to this point, and it's been a steep learning curve,” says Oneill. “The grant from the foundation boosts our confidence, and is a testament to the DFINITY Foundation’s commitment to the Internet Computer’s entrepreneurial community".

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